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Thank you for your interest in the information in my email. I’m Angie Hughes and I’m your Long-Term Care expert.

With the many solutions in long-term care planning these days, it’s important to work with someone that keeps abreast of the changing industry.

Long-Term Care Solutions:

  • Traditional LTC
  • Hybrid Life/LTC
  • Linked Benefits
  • Short-Term Care
  • Annuities with LTC Riders

We provide you:

  • Carriers with innovative product solutions
  • Vested, top commissions
  • Unrivaled backroom support

Key Product Features:

  • Cash options
  • Lifetime Benefits
  • Guaranteed Premium
  • Single Pay and 10 Pay
  • Limited Underwriting








Angie Hughes


Angie is our resident Long Term Care expert. She spends much of her time making outbound calls and assisting agents with their LTC questions. She is also available to visit agents in the field.

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