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Copy of On the Horizon

This month I wanted to take some time to focus on relationships, what motivates people, and of course, extended care planning

Most of you know me would disagree, but I am very much an introvert. I can remember saying to my mom I would have been ‘ok’ as an only child. Not that I don’t love my brother. I’m just more comfortable being around fewer people in the setting. For me, during these times of isolation, which doesn’t hold true because I’ve not stopped going into the office during this pandemic, I have to stay on task. And by staying on task, I mean staying in touch with you, going outside my innate introvert personality. I have to find new ways to connect, like Zoom, FaceTime, Webinars, Emails, or any device that allows me to stay connected to you.


Angie Hughes 

LTCi Marketing Manager

Are you Networking or Notworking?  In thinking about how you can continue your relationships with your clients, communities, and prospects, what does that look like?

I’ve been presenting short webinars every Tuesday during July because July is when we celebrate our country’s independence and more specifically, our “Declaration of Independence”. Consider a long-term care awareness campaign in July. Ask your clients to draft their own “declaration of independence”. I can provide client approved marketing material for you to utilize to mix and match different campaigns, and that includes email, direct mail, and social media content. It would be so much fun! For example, buy a bundle of those $1 American flags and place a small note around the pole saying “Let me help you write your own Declaration of Independence”.  Drop them by client homes, businesses, and/or keep a mason jar of flags in your office.  Easy, fun, and a great way to connect with people while integrating LTC without saying “long-term care”, “nursing home” or any negative images that it may conjure.

There was a consumer survey conducted by Mutual of Omaha titled “Hearts & Minds” which stated 55% of people make the first contact with an agent regarding LTC planning. Basically, people need you and want you to help them make an educated and informed decision about what extended care planning looks like for them and their families. Don’t wait for the consumer to bring up the subject of long-term care.

The last point I want to leave you with is…HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW LTC TOOLBOX?! I couldn’t be more excited about how jam-packed, full of goodies this resource provides. 

And, if you’ve missed my short webinars this month, I’m happy to send you the recording, which includes July 14th “Selling LTC in Reverse; Go for Yes!”.

Tomorrow is not a day of the week; Today is the day to start planning!