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Studying Life

August 18th, 2020

As you may be aware, September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). There will be many carrier campaigns as well as national campaigns to ensure all Americans are educated on the importance of death benefits. In the same theme, ProducersXL will be taking an active role in educating our agents on the different carriers we offer and the benefits/products they provide. This will include a weekly webinar, starting September 2nd and each Wednesday through September, wherein I will discuss a variety of case studies constructed to assist agents to foresee the different life insurance opportunities any life insurance agent will 


Scott Gilpin

Life Marketing Manager

come across and feel confident to educate your clients when the time does arrive.

If you have ever spoken with me on the phone or in person, you have heard me say, “It’s all about recognizing opportunities”.  That is what this webinar series is all about; recognizing different opportunities anytime you have a potential client conversation.  You do not need to be an expert on every life insurance topic, that is what ProducersXL provides at a moment’s notice.  But hopefully, this series will help you gain confidence when speaking to a client regarding life insurance and maybe learn something new regarding different carriers/products.  Here is a quick overview of the topics I will be discussing.

Wednesday, September 2nd | Simplifying Term with Vive

Term insurance is the staple for any life insurance agent and this webinar will show you how to simplify the entire process using our revolutionary tool, Vive. I will walk you through the process of recognizing the opportunity and executing a simple quote to submission application.

Wednesday, September 9th | Think Bigger and Better

This case study will illustrate how to turn a basic term request into something Bigger and Better, for both you and the client. Think outside-the-box and show your client additional options and the value that you bring to the table.

Wednesday, September 16th | The Power of Policy Review

This case study will provide examples of how important it is for an agent to perform policy reviews with your existing clients. How to dig a little deeper with a new client to discover new opportunities.

Wednesday, September 23rd | Solving for Chronic Illness and Retirement

Most agents know that life insurance these days can do more than just provide a death benefit.  This webinar will discuss the different options outside basic funeral expenses available to your client and show them life insurance can be so much more than what they thought. 

Wednesday, September 30th | Wrap up

This session will provide time to ask questions, either regarding the series or specific situations you may find yourself. We will provide you with additional tools and resources to proceed through the year and into 2021 with all the confidence to become a Top Producer.

Please join me in September for this Webinar series and learn about recognizing those additional opportunities. Working together, we can provide more value to your clients.  Additional details regarding this webinar series will be emailed and shared on our website under our “Agent Events” page.