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You'll be Surprised by How Versatile Fixed-Index Annuities Are ...

One of the things that independent agents who are new to providing solutions for retirement planning issues find surprising is how versatile Fixed-Income Annuities can be. They can be used as a vehicle to accumulate a legacy meant to be passed on, or in order to provide a steady source of income, and since most carriers have an income rider that continues providing for life they’re a unique solution for providing guaranteed income during someone’s retirement years.


Scott Gilpin

Retirement Marketing Manager

Every client is going to have their own needs and goals going into retirement and, once we know what those are, we often find a policy that can be tailored to provide for their concerns. I work one-on-one with many agents figuring out the best solutions for their clients and we always work to find the best possible solution. One of the most common things I hear when talking to these agents is that their clients are afraid of running out of money. In my experience, most people tend to be more afraid of running out of money than they are of dying. And if they’re aren’t worried about running out of money during their lifetimes, they’re often worried about it drying up during their spouses. We have a wide array of carriers with different riders and features that we offer simply because not every situation is the same.

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I wanted to leave you with a few reasons for independent agents to consider selling fixed-index annuities

1. Competitive interest rates: There are different allocations available designed to aid an annuity's growth. Those looking to leave a legacy that has enjoyed stable growth are often interested to find out that Fixed-Index Annuities often come with competitive interest rates.

3. No Fees: A standard policy doesn't have any fees associated with it. Of course, if your chooses to add a rider to the policy, there's a chance that it has an associated fee.

2. Tax-deferred growth: So long as money remains in the annuity, the principal earns interest and the gains earn interest. Also, these policies don't require a 1099 at the end of the year. Clients won't be taxed until they take the money out.

4. A Guaranteed Death Benefit Upon the death of the owner, the contract value is paid directly to the beneficiary, without withdrawal charges or applicable market value adjustments, which generally avoids the need to go through the probate process.

5.Diversification A tax-deferred fixed annuity can serve as a conservative addition to any retirement portfolio. Don’t forget to check the disclosure statements since every company does things a little different. I feel that, with the up and downs of the market, the fixed indexed annuity, whether for accumulation or income, is one of the safest ways to put your money to work for you to accomplish your life goals.

Don’t forget that June is ANNUITY Awareness month. 
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