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Strategic Repositioning of Annuities 1035 Tax-Free Exchanges

As innovation continues and insurance product design evolves, someone who owns an older life insurance or annuity contract may want to trade it in for a newer one. There can be a variety of reasons for doing so, including that an older contract may no longer meet the current needs of the client. In such situations, a 1035 exchangemay be appropriate … but there are pros and cons to consider in the process.

 Join us Thursday, November 18th, as Deborah Minor, Assistant Vice President of Advanced Markets for W&S Financial Group Distributors, helps us make sense of:
  • Allowable 1035 tax-free exchanges
  • The difference between partial NQ annuity exchanges, non-qualified stretch exchanges and long-term care exchanges
  • Life insurance to annuity exchanges
  • Important planning considerations for helping clients reach their retirement and legacy goals

Addressing one of the most common advanced markets topics annuity professionals seek clarification on, the information provided can help you make compliant

Strengthen Your Client's Retirement Journey JourneyMark FIA Strengths Plus a Strong Carrier

Explore 3-in-1 Product Versatility:

  • JourneyMark Base Product: Accumulation without fees. Shorter term ages 86– 90. 
  • JourneyMark w/ Cascade Rider: Return of Premium after 3rd index year. Enhanced liquidity and guarantees. 6.5% Premium Bonus on 10-year version.
  • JourneyMark w/ Expanse Rider: Higher Par rates. 10% immediate benefit base bonus + 200% crediting rate roll-up. Enhanced death benefit potential. Flexible income options, including increasing payouts.

Learn Carrier Strength

  • A+ AM Best
  • 96 Comdex
  • 1888 Heritage

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Virtual Courses for Annuity Agents

In 2010, the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) designated June as National Annuity Awareness Month (NAAM) to help educate Americans on the important role of annuities as part of a secure retirement savings plan. This year, we at ProducersXL want to ensure every Agent has the tools and resources to educate their clients in retirement products.
During the month of June, an array of carrier representatives will assist us in providing educational resources and awareness tools, as well as product-specific details to fit every client’s needs for retirement.

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