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Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions

Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions

Your Choice for Independence and Financial Security

Help your clients maintain their dignity and their hard-earned savings. Have the flexibility and financial security to help ensure they receive appropriate care. At ProducersXL, we work with top insurance providers with long term care insurance options you need to help create a personalized plan that can make it easier for you to help protect and secure a healthy financial future of your clients.

Long-Term Care Insurance for Individuals

If your clients ever have a long term illness or a chronic condition, they may require extended care at home, in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Long term care insurance (LTCI) may help cover these costs, which can be steep. LTCI can help them maintain their financial freedom and give them the flexibility to participate in making choices that impact their care — about the services they receive, where they receive them, and who provides for the care they need.

Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions

Angie Hughes

Managing Partner