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Incentives and Bonuses

Being an independent insurance agent is amazing, not many professions provide so much freedom. Incentives are the cherry on top; from unforgettable vacations to generous cash bonuses, there are plenty of ways to maximize your benefits.

We may have a slight bias, but we’ve heard from our agents that it’s best to work with companies with cost-competitive solutions, fair and navigable underwriting, and a rich program of incentives. Qualifying for a paid vacation is almost as thrilling as actually going on one. That’s just one of the benefits of independent agency.

Give us a call if you have any questions about the plethora of opportunities available now!

ACE Medicar Supplement Incentive

Application between: 07/01/2023 and 09/30/2023

ManhattanLife Incentive

Application between:  7/1/2023 and 9/30/2023

Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance

Application between: 07/01/2023 – 09/30/2023

Payout by 09/01/2023 – 11/01/2023

Lumico Medigap Solutions Incentive

Submit between:  7/1/2023 and

GTL’s Special Cross-Selling

Submit between: 05/01/2023 – 07/31/2023

Payments no later than 09/01/2023