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Love is in the air! It is February, the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever stopped to consider how often you insure what you love? You insure your car, house, boat, jewelry; all of which is “stuff”. Stuff you cannot take with you. It’s really about who you love and how you keep promises to them.

Long-Term Care insurance doesn’t have to be a dirty word or negative image. Sure, long-term illness/disability doesn’t represent us in the best of situations but have we not seen how an unexpected disability can cause chaos to families that are unprepared. Most American’s are unprepared. It is our responsibility to inform clients and allow them to decide if it is the right planning for their


Angie Hughes 

LTCi Marketing Manager

their family. See, the truth is, it is not the person requiring care that suffers. The ill person will receive the care necessary but at what cost? And by cost, I don’t mean monetary. There are plenty of options today for extended care planning; agents can provide a policy on any budget, whatever the consumer requires. It is about educating clients on their options and building a plan to fit their needs.

I remember the day I got my own long-term care policy.

 I got home and at the dinner table explained to my husband and daughter, who was too young to understand, my policy was my gift to them. The last thing I wanted to do was have my husband be my caregiver or for us to stop paying for our daughter’s education. We insure what we love.

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