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September 15th, 2021

With the Labor Day holiday behind us, my assumption is most will be looking to the balance of the 2021. I wish I could say 2021 brought us out of the pandemic and all was well with the world. And although we may have experienced a reprieve from wearing masks and eating in restaurants, it seems the nation will end 2021 as we ended 2020, COVID-focused. Not only will we have to continue to adjust to the ever-changing COVID world, agents must also focus on forth quarter sales, Annual Election Period (AEP), and the effects to Long-Term Care sales.

Additionally, I have been busy becoming acquainted to the recently introduced Washington Cares Fund.


Angie Hughes 

LTCi Marketing Manager

You may be saying to yourself, "But you don't produce sales in WA, so how does that affect KS or me?"

Well, one detrimental consequence to other states in the nation is the pace to which new business is being processed. Because of the large influx of applications streaming in from the state of WA (the new payroll tax being assessed unless you have a qualifying LTC policy or rider to opt out of the tax), new applications have a tremendously slow processing rate. If you didn’t have a chance to listen to my August 31st podcast, I encourage you to subscribe and listen at your convenience.

I have been asked to serve on a couple of legislative working groups and am hopeful this type of collaboration will allow me to keep my finger on the pulse of what could/will be introduced to other states in the future. It will also allow for the private and public programs to hopefully come together with meaningful and economical LTC solutions.

I still say, yesterday was the best day to put your plan in place. But if you haven’t, today is just as good a day! Remember, tomorrow isn’t a day of the week!

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