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Short & Sweet Nov. 26th, 2019

I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you will enjoy your time with family and friends as we celebrate and take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful blessings in our lives. One of the many things we are often thankful for is that our family members are healthy, happy and living independent lives. 

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Dex Umekubo CLU, ChFC
Senior Managing Partner

However, for some of your clients, they may have a family member that is financially dependent on them and without their financial support, their “special needs” loved one’s life would be tragically different.

In my last Short & Sweet, I discussed selling “wants” versus “needs”.  One of the big opportunities for “needs” selling is funding for “Special Needs” and how Life Insurance can be an effective, tax-free, leveraged tool for those that will need it the most.  There is no “perfect” product, which is great because working a “Special Needs” case is all about problem-solving and funding a pool of money when it is needed the most.  This is NOT a product sale; it is a funding sale.  Once we know what the “Need” is, we can figure out what product will fill that need most effectively.

Once you show your clients a Special Needs Solution, they will WANT to put a plan in action.

Nearly one out of five Americans today have some type of “Special Need” or disability.  Often, when we think of “Special Needs” planning 


 the first thing that comes to mind is the Special Needs Child (such as an individual diagnosed with Autism or Downs Syndrome), but don’t forget some of your clients that may be the primary financial caregiver for a disabled spouse, an aging parent or another loved one that is dependent on their financial support. 

The Statistics Alone Are Surprising

Find out more so you can be prepared when a client asks.

There are a LOT of different types of “Special Needs” situations or what I describe as “Financial Obligations” that many of your clients are facing and can use your help.  We have a very nice Fact Finder on our website you can use to help you uncover some “needs” (also attached) in the “Other Goals / Additional Information” section and also the “Family Relationship” notes section.

Need to Find the Facts?

PXL has tools to assist you when working with your clients

You might be surprised how many of your clients are trying to deal with this situation and all you need to do is ASK if you can help.

If you want some one-on-one sales training on Special Needs Marketing, please reach out to me.  This is one of my personal “life insurance” missions that are very close to my heart.  What we do (selling Life Insurance) is a very noble, honorable and special profession.  Be proud to call yourself a Life Insurance Professional.  No one can deliver the value of TAX-FREE Discounted Dollars when they are needed the most except us!

As always, Good Luck and Good Selling!