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May 21st, 2020

COVID has changed the spring and summer for every one of us.  We are seeing fewer people face to face. Some brokers and clients are using face time or zoom to digitally be in contact with their clients, discussing needs and products.  People are buying insurance from brokers who are asking them to buy…That part hasn’t changed.

Here Are 7 Things We're Learning about Marketing During Covid


Kip Keehner

The Keehner Group

1. Clients Are Still Clients

Clients still want to talk to you about insurance, even if you can’t see them face to face. Lots and lots of sales are being made even with the pandemic.

2. Clients Are Paying Attention

Clients are motivated to buy products to protect their families from death, disability, or long stays in a health care facility. They hear about what is going on around them every day and it is impossible (or ignorant) not to imagine one’s own family possibly going through a scary time, maybe even a death of a loved one.

3. It's Easier Than You'd Expect

Many clients don’t need physicals for term life insurance. Some don’t even need them for life insurance.  Call us to find out how that works.

4. We Can Cut Back On The Wait

For some clients, waiting for an Attending Physician’s Statement may be a thing of the past. Again, give us a call and we’ll run over the new system.

5. Time Waits For No One

People are still turning 65. Medicare Supplement sales are easy and profitable. Whether you make a living selling them or are just beginning, you will find few places in the US more capable at helping you with Med Supps than Producers XL.

6. Expect More Online

Learning some very basic computer skills offered by our web site can help you make sales where previously only a face to face call would work. Again, let us help you.

7. Staying Updated is a Necessity

All the underwriting information you need is on the first page of our website within the red banner.