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March 16th, 2021

Occupational Disability Insurance Marketing Strategies

Are your clients prepared if they get sick or hurt and are not able to work? The answer is probably NO. Most Americans don’t have any disability insurance, nor do they have enough emergency funds to last more than just a few weeks. Did you know that the average duration of a long-term disability claim is almost 35 months? I don’t know many people who could last almost 3 years without their income and continue to pay all of their expenses.

A Disability Income policy should be one of the first insurance policies a person purchases. Without our income, we are unable to pay for the essentials necessary to live a normal life. 

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Cody Rhyne

Disability Income Marketing Manager

What is your most valuable asset?... It is your INCOME!

Though many may believe it is their house, your earning potential is your most important asset.  If you are like most Americans, your entire lifestyle depends upon your ability to earn an income each month. Unfortunately, an accident or serious illness can rob you of your ability to work, your income, and your financial stability. Then what?

Please have a disability conversation with your clients. If you don’t know how to have that conversation or need to learn more about disability insurance, please reach out to me today.

Don't Wait, Get Your Clients The Protection They Deserve