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Be a "Complete Medicare Adviser"

Congratulations on not only surviving AEP but finishing very strong. As we close out another AEP season I would like to talk about what you can do to “Up Your Game” for 2020. I bet there are a lot of you that would like to learn what it would take to elevate yourself above all other Medicare advisors/agents in your area. My goal in 2020 is to help our agents learn more about not only Medicare but also how to look at other needs your clients may have and what you can do to help protect them.

In 2020 Producers XL will be hosting another round of Medicare Universities where agents will dig deep into Medicare and look at the options clients have with Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D plans.

Rick Picture

Rick Roberts

Medicare Marketing Manager

Agents will also learn about other ancillary products such as critical illness, hospital indemnity, dental/vision plans, and much much more. We also will have a wonderful segment about marketing your agency, and ideas that can help you transform your agency into a Medicare powerhouse.

To become a “Complete Medicare Advisor”, you need to continually develop and grow your knowledge about Medicare, all the options available from Medicare supplements to Medicare Advantage plans, but also all the other products that you can utilize to help cover other risk and needs that your client may have. Many agents that try to focus on a few products for their clients are not really doing their client any justice.


If you feel like you would like to develop more knowledge and work your way into becoming that “Complete Medicare Advisor”, please check out our locations for our Medicare Universities in 2020 and reach out to me for more information.

  • February 11-12 (Salina, KS)
  • March 10-11 (Kansas City)
  • April 7-8 (Oklahoma City)
  • June 9-10 (Denver)

Classes are starting soon

Get enrolled before January 28th for our first-course and receive a discount code for the Hilton Garden Inn – Salina