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Newsletter 11_20 - Rick

We are officially halfway through another Annual Enrollment Period season

So far, we at Producers XL feel this AEP has gone well and hope it continues through the end of the season. I hope all of you are having success, even with the challenges faced with COVID-19. That being said, I would like to highlight several points of interest while we are at this halfway point in AEP.

Rick Picture

Rick Roberts

Health Marketing Manager

New Star Ratings are available

*Please be aware that the 2021 Star Ratings are now available. The older 2020 Star Ratings need to be replaced with the 2021 updated ratings in all your enrollment kits.

Follow-up on transmitted applications

During AEP, so many applications are being processed. It never fails, agents will have applications that do not show up on their pending business reports. Most of these issues deal with faxed applications. I know that many of our agents have embraced the use of electronic enrollment, but for those agents that continue to fax applications, I highly recommend those agents keep the

 fax transmittal confirmations stating the application has been successfully transmitted. If an application has not been received by a carrier and we cannot show it was sent by way of fax transmittal confirmation, the carriers will not honor the application. The better agents keep track of the status of the application throughout AEP, the fewer problems agents end up dealing with at year-end and into the new year. Please do not wait until the end of AEP to go through your list of clients/applications and make certain they have been completed.

Enrollment Supplies

Since we are halfway through AEP, please place orders for supplies now to get through the end of AEP. Right now, supply orders are taking about two weeks or more to be filled once placed. So, time will be limited in receiving supplies and having them available for use prior to the end of AEP.  We have most supplies in stock but in limited quantities. Please know that Aetna/Silverscript, Mutual of Omaha, and Wellcare all have PDF enrollment materials you can print. Humana still has unique barcoded applications that have to be utilized (only once). Please reach out to us if you are in a pinch and require supplies.

Producers XL is Here to Help this Annual Enrollment Period, and Beyond.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

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