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I want to talk to you for a minute about something uncomfortable.  I want you to think for a minute about your own lives and your own circle of family and friends… how many people do you know that have had cancer, heart attack, stroke, or have Alzheimer’s or dementia?  Regardless of YOUR age, I’m guessing that each of you can say that you personally know someone that has had or gone through one of these life-altering health conditions.  If you haven’t… then you are truly blessed, but I can essentially guarantee you that it’s just a matter of time.

When do you think about these individuals that you know, how many of them were financially prepared for the cost of care associated with their health impairment?  It’s not just the up-front cost of hospital bills that are usually covered by health insurance, it’s the long-term costs of care 


Scott Gilpin

Life Marketing Manager

that can drain a person’s assets and truly change their way of life.  Not only do they deserve proper medical care, but they also deserve the opportunity to stay in their home and choose the type of care that is right for them. 

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As a life insurance agent, you have an amazing opportunity (and an obligation), to help your clients, family, and friends to plan for this unfortunate scenario.  You can give them the security of knowing that if something happens to them, not only will their family be covered, but so will they.

LTC and chronic illness riders can give your clients and their families this security.  You can help them protect their assets, to stay in their home, and to choose the type of care they receive. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Uncomfortable Sells”?  It’s true.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your clients about something uncomfortable.  I can promise you that they are thinking about it, whether they want to admit it or not.  Many people are unaware of their options and think that a traditional Long-Term Care policy is the only available choice.  They’re gravely mistaken.  Life insurance with an LTC or chronic illness rider can provide dual protection that many people don’t know about or think will be too expensive. 

Adding these riders to a base plan will often make you say, “Why WOULDN’T we add it?”. 

So, do me a favor……have an uncomfortable conversation with your clients.  Ask them if they have planned for a chronic illness event.  Ask them if they are financially prepared for the cost associated with years of medical care.  I want to help you, help your clients.  Please give me a call so together we can help your clients plan for their future.

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