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Bread and Butter By Scott Gilpin

How many of you sell and/or market term life insurance?  Did you know that the average face amount for life insurance sold in the US is approximately $150,000 (and we all know that figure is too low for almost every client)?  Although I’m sure most of you would rather not spend your time and effort selling $150,000 term life insurance, I’m also sure that you can appreciate the significance of offering life insurance in your practice.  

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Taking care of that one “small-term client” can yield very positive results, when you take into account building your client base, repeat business opportunities, and the referrals you can get from a satisfied customer.  Even if you are a P&C agent, don’t let those term clients go!  They ARE an important part of your business.  What if I told you that you can quote AND submit term life insurance in about 10 minutes, all from the comfort of the computer at your office?  Stop driving miles to your client and completing 30-page application packets.  At Producer’s XL, you have access to Vive…..the “Ridiculously Fast Way to Write Term Life Insurance”.   Vive offers top-rated term life insurance carriers through a drop-ticket submission platform, with the opportunity for accelerated underwriting, and at no reduction in compensation to you.  Please give me a call so I can show you how Vive works, or visit our website for a video tutorial and more information. 

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