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_Newsletter 12_15 - Gilpin

December 15th, 2020

How 2021 Will Provide More Room for Growth

Well, here we are nearing the end of 2020!  I think most of us have been eagerly awaiting this time since March.  We have all laughed at the various and numerous 2020 memes flooding Facebook and our inboxes for months. There are some really good ones!  Pick your adjective for what you think of 2020, but I most would agree we want nothing more but to put 2020 behind us.  2021 is supposed to bring new hope. Hope that we can distance ourselves from the roughest year in decades for our nation and the world.  While I do share some of that optimism, I do believe we still have obstacles to overcome before our lives truly return back to the normal we knew before the pandemic.  If you would have 


Scott Gilpin

Life Marketing Manager

told me in April I would still be talking about quarantines, shelter-in-place, masks, vaccinations, etc. in December, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second.  But here we are.

Although the holiday season can be very stressful in any year, both at work and within our personal lives, it is also a time of reflection.  What did we learn this past year?  What did we do right? What did we do wrong?  What changes can we make next year to be successful?  What are we thankful? What are priorities in 2021?  I will provide you my answers to these questions in hopes it preps you for a time of reflection as well.  

What did I learn this past year? Expect the unexpected

Maybe it’s a cliché’, but I know it is valid for 2020.  None of us foresaw a pandemic that would affect not only our nation but the entire world to the capacity it exhibited and continues to rage forth.  It made me realize life and freedom are precious gifts. We have to be prepared to protect them both at all times.  My job is to help you plan and sell life insurance. Life Insurance…what an amazing product to have access to ourselves and clients, especially during a global pandemic.  I learned a pandemic is not a reason to be still and quiet, but rather to shout from the rooftops regarding the products you have available and why your clients require them at all times.

What did I do right this year and areas of opportunity for 2020?  The obvious mistake I made right from the first shelter-in-place was waiting too long to realize this chaotic and uncertain time was a golden opportunity to discuss life insurance.  While it is serious and precautions should be taken with every encounter, it is a perfect topic to discuss.  Your clients are thinking about their health, their retirement, and what would happen to them if they got sick and possibly passed.  You need to be present to help answer those questions and provide options and reassurance in the security of their financial futures and the future they leave their families.  What I did right is finally realize those simple facts and immediately passed the message to you.  I wrote articles, conducted webinars, and made 

numerous phone calls regarding the different products and solutions ProducersXL offers.

Changes for next year?  This is a tough question, only because there are always uncertainties when you go into a New Year.  I want to continue active information sharing with agents via webinars, emails, phone, and newsletter articles.  My goal is to arrange my daily workload allowing myself time to spend on marketing and helping agents develop the best plan or product for clients.  Regardless of how much longer we deal with this pandemic, I will not become complacent. 

Finally, what am I thankful and what are my priorities for 2021?  I have become much more appreciative of what I have in my life: family, friends, work, health.  It’s easy to complain and become pessimistic, but I try to take the opposite approach.  I am thankful for my family and how we’ve remained healthy.  I am thankful I have a job and a steady paycheck.  I am thankful for you!  You stayed active and kept us busy during a year that could have been much worse.  You kept moving forward and continued to stay in touch with clients. My priorities for 2021; make it better than 2020!  Seriously, I want to grow the marketing platform and provide options to agents and clients. While our website has undergone amazing transformations over the past year, I will add more resources to the Life Page, providing higher quality resources and tools.  I will strive to develop deeper relationships with agents to ensure they are prepared to serve clients daily.  A personal goal is to lose a few pounds!

While there are definitely uncertainties that still lie ahead, I am hopeful and optimistic about the upcoming year.  Please set aside moments during the month to reflect and answer the above questions for yourself and your business.  As always, I am here to help in any way.  I wish you all a very prosperous 2021!