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Process Paralysis

     Lately, it seems I’ve been fielding a lot of calls and emails from agents about how to submit term life applications.  Let me explain what I mean.  It’s not the term product itself that is producing questions and discussions, it’s the process; it’s the technology.  Isn’t it ironic that in a time where we have amazing technology at our fingertips, we have serious doubts about what the heck it is we’re doing?!  I’ll be honest with you, I’m kind of old school and sometimes I miss the days of paper applications.  However, there is some amazing tech available that will greatly reduce your time and effort in submitting and placing your business. I think the confusion that most agents have stems, ironically, from the sheer number of options available.
    Wait a minute, aren’t options a good thing?  Of course, they can be, but sometimes they can complicate things.  When it comes to submitting term life insurance, there are too many options and too many ways to do things because everyone has their own proprietary software and procedures. 


Scott Gilpin

Life Marketing Manager

What is the difference between a drop ticket and an E-App? 
Do you need to secure signatures? 
Where does the application go when you submit? 

Will the client get an email?  Who orders the medicals?  What happens next? 

The list of questions goes on, but you get the idea.  I feel your pain; I had to weed through all of these questions and then some, just to cover all the bases needed to explain it to you.  Rejoice!  There is light on the horizon. 

Ok, enough with the cheesy comments.  I can honestly tell you that we finally have the answer to these questions and a process that is FAST and EASY and will allow you to feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing.  Some of you already know where I am going with this;


Vive is a term quote and drop-ticket submission platform that is available on our website.   Right from the quote screen you can complete one page of questions and submit the business directly to the carrier.  There are no emails sent to the client that can get lost in their spam folder.  There are no signature requirements on the front end.  There are no 30-page applications to complete.  There is no driving 30 miles back and forth to the client’s house.   The platform is the same for the carriers that are represented, so you don’t have to learn different systems and processes.


 Vive is a single sign-on through our website, so you don’t have different websites and passwords to remember.  There is also an opportunity for accelerated underwriting with cases that qualify.  With Vive, you can literally quote and submit the business in 5 minutes.  I really hope that gets you excited because it does for me!  We all know how important clients are and we want to take care of their needs.  We also know that sometimes term insurance can be a painful process that can take a long time.  Vive is the answer to take care of your clients and free up more of your time.  Time is money, right?  I really would love for you to contact me if you’d like to know more about Vive.  If you let me show you what it looks like and how it works, you will believe what I’ve said and how it is “the ridiculously fast way to write term life insurance.”