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The Basics of Life Insurance: A Social Media Prospecting Campaign

As an agent, one of your largest hurdles is maintaining a healthy number of leads. Marketing isn’t what it was even a decade ago. If video killed the radio-star then the internet pulled a… uh… you’ve probably seen something similar on a 


Scott Gilpin

Life Marketing Manager

Netflix documentary. Everything about business has been impacted by the evolution of the internet. Even the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights includes access to the internet. That’s just to say if you aren’t advertising yourself online, you’ve limited yourself to a fraction of the market. Generally speaking, the number of leads you’ll have will reflect a decision to not market online. 

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I’d like to take this time to make the understatement of the year; the internet is large. With a nearly unlimited number of ways to connect with prospective clients online, the last thing you want to do is miss out on your opportunity. From search engines and streaming services to social media you’ll find plenty of chances to connect with hot leads. That’s why this week I wanted to make sure you were equipped with some Life Insurance Social Media Prospecting Material. This material includes compliant posts for advertising on your platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so you can start building a strong marketing presence online today. 

For those looking to go above and beyond, consider using a social media demographics analyzer like FollowerWonk. Many of these websites provide some free services that can be used to key in on crucial details for your marketing campaign. For example, you can easily find out what hours your followers are most active, what keywords appear most frequently on your page, and your sphere of influence.

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