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4 Resources for AEP- Oct. 2020

October 20th, 2020

So, chances are you’re prepping for that final meeting of the year with your Medicare clients to discuss changes in the different plans and future concerns. This also means it is your last opportunity before the close of Annual Enrollment to review coverages in all matters of healthcare cost planning and ensure your clients are prepared for next year. With that in mind, I feel it’s important to remind all agents of the numerous tools and resources Producers XL provides in prepping for those conversations. Here is a list of resource and key topics to cover in your reviews:


Sean McBride

Field Marketing

#1 The Medicare Search & Save Platform

  1. Take advantage of Producer XL’s newly released  Medicare Search and Save platform. This tool allows agents the ability to save clients’ drug list, quote PDP, MAPD, and Medicare Supplement plans, complete an electronic Scope of Appointment, confirm provider access, complete Medicare Supplement E Apps, and keep client notes. Not only does is save agents time at the initial conversation but allows them to quickly access previous information on specific clients in future conversations.

#2 Perform A Client Needs Review

Utilize the Client Review Form to determine current health status, review current health coverages, and uncover additional coverages needed. Quoting Medicare supplement plans during this client meeting takes no time and most likely can create a new sale.

#3 Know What Gaps In Coverage To Discuss With Clients

Have a frank, concise discussion about those coverages which are limited or not covered by Medicare, such as LTC, Final Expense, Dental, Home Health Care and Critical Illness. These are relevant coverages for the senior demographic. If you do not talk to your client about these products, another agent will take the opportunity to discuss these topics and potentially gather all that client’s business. Think of it as protecting your business.

Start Discussing The Gaps In Your Clients Coverage

Join Us To Learn about the Best Solutions to take them.

#4 Go Prepared With The Medicare Marketing Bundle

Start using the Medicare Marketing Bundle to help you market to new and existing clients. Included are outreach letters for different Medicare sales opportunities, a Client Review Form, a CMS Social Media Kit, and a Medicare Health Screen. Additionally, we can include your current *Medicare Supplement Book of Business* alongside the kit upon request to illustrate what active policies you are no longer getting paid as well as aging policies where there is an opportunity to save your clients’ money.

You have more resources at your disposal this year than ever before. Do not let this last/best opportunity of the year go by without taking advantage of Producers XL tools and resources. We do not get enough opportunities with our clients to provide a thorough review of their benefits, here is your chance to capitalize on your sales and make the most of your client meeting this year. Let our expertise help in those conversations, call today.

Sean, From The Field