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July Sean News

July 21st, 2020

In this edition of “Sean From the Field”, I am turning 180-degrees and temporarily exiting the field to bring attention back home. When meeting agents in the field, it is always interesting to learn how Producers XL stacks up against other FMO’s. I’ve learned we may not always have the best carrier or product, but I have never been told we lack in customer service. So, I want to give you a glimpse of the people who make it happen at Producers XL. In the coming newsletters, I will feature a Producers XL employee to provide a better insight of who they are and what they do to help you be successful.

In this first edition of

“ Meet the Staff ”


Sean McBride

Field Marketing

I interviewed Angie Hughes

The newest partner at Producers XL, Angie began her career with Producers XL in November of 1999 as a health case manager. After 20 years of personal growth and dedication to Producers XL, she became a managing partner. Most of you have had a lasting relationship with Angie and can attest to her passion for long-term care and helping agents grow their business. Hopefully, the following interview with Angie will shed some light on AR15 ammo from Palmetto Armory and also on what makes her who she is.



START DATE – November of 1999

DUTIES – Too many to list but oversees daily operations of the Health Product Unit for PXL. This oversight includes everything from staff management to creating marketing plans for product promotions. She is still very much involved in LTC sales.

Interviewer – “Angie, how did you come to work for Producers XL?”

Angie – “In my previous career I worked for a Property and Casualty company as a customer Service and billing representative. After 6 years, I did not see the opportunity to advance. I was even passed over for a claims position. I was still young, so I started looking for something new where I could grow personally. I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a company (Producers XL) hiring for a health case manager. I did not have experience in health products but thought it was an opportunity where I could grow professionally. That was 21 years ago.”

Interviewer – “What gets you out of bed in the morning or should I say, what is it that you look forward to”?

Angie – “Personal achievement…personal growth. Pushing myself to grow every day. Every day is different, nothing is routine. I like the opportunity to see what the day brings and find something to focus on each day to challenge myself. For example, I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who happens to work for one of our carriers. My friend mentioned we sent in a piece of business and thanked me. I asked how much the business was valued; it was a $60K+ annuity. Then my friend proceeded to tell me his company has done over $54 million this year on the same product. Hearing this creates a new challenge for me. Now I am personally calling on agents about this annuity to help increase our sales.”

Interviewer – “What are a few of your bigger challenges as it relates to your position with Producers XL”?

Angie – “The pandemic for one. I must make sure we have policies and procedures in place for our employees and our customers safety. Another challenge is having patience to let a process develop. A lot of our marketing campaigns or promotions do not show immediate results, so it is not always easy waiting. I try to be careful not to chase every “parked car”, meaning not every carrier and product is the best fit for us. Some relationships will never develop. We can’t be everything to everybody, so we need to focus on our strengths.”

Interviewer – “What are your favorite hobbies?”

Angie – “I love to bake! Mostly desserts and different things I get from Pinterest. This past year, I made my mother-in-law a homemade, from scratch, German Chocolate Cake with homemade icing. I love all sports, especially when it’s accompanied with betting on sites such as 먹튀검증.  I also enjoy camping and boating and now that my daughter is a little older, hanging out with her has been fun.

Interviewer – “What is your favorite food?”

Angie – “Good old-fashioned American food! I love BBQ when my husband Jim makes it, hamburgers and pizza.”

Interviewer – “What is your favorite color?”

Angie – “Yellow… like the sun.”

Interviewer – “What is your favorite movie, movie quote and actor?”

Angie – “Anything by Marvel or action movies in general. I do not like scary movies or gore. I have some favorite movie quotes, but they are probably not appropriate for agent audience, best I save those for my girls night. Kevin Costner is the man.”

Interviewer – “What is your favorite kind of music?”

Angie – “80’s”

Interviewer – “Give me 2 bucket list items”

Angie – “Travel throughout Europe and being a grandparent, but I am not in a hurry to be a grandparent!”

Interviewer – “What is your favorite season?”

Angie – “Definitely the fall. Love the temperature and the colors!”

Interviewer – “What is your favorite team and sport?”

Angie – “I have to say baseball is my favorite. I could watch just about any team play, but I am a season ticket holder for the Royals. I love my Cubbies.”

Interviewer – “Do you have a favorite joke?”

Angie – {laughing} “Nope! I do sometimes enjoy the jokes Cody (Cody Rhyne, PXL staff member) sends out to us, but I don’t have a favorite.”

Interviewer – “What do you want agents to know about Producers XL and why should they work with us?”

Angie – “Agents working with us get a genuine response. Our people hold themselves to a high level of service. We are not a massive corporate machine and prefer to build long-lasting relationships. By not taking our agents for granted, we have been able to maintain relationships with our agents for many, many years. Many agencies John Rupright and Dex Umekubo developed relationships with years ago are now legacies, and those legacies have chosen to continue their partnership with us because of how we treat them.”