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Newsletter 1_21- Sean

January 19th, 2021

In this month’s edition of “Sean From the Field”, I want to discuss prime opportunities to put you back in front of your AEP clients and capitalize on missed sales opportunities. Yes, I’m again speaking about cross-selling, but I come to you with resources and ideas to help nudge you along. This past AEP was fantastic, but this is no time to rest on recent success. It is imperative we all get back to work with a purpose. It is possible 2021 could be a tougher stretch than 2020. Let’s Focus!

I mentioned ideas and resources to put you back in front of your AEP clients. Let’s start with a unique opportunity provided by Aetna. Here’s how it works, Aetna Medicare Supplement policyholders who were 


Sean McBride

Field Marketing

underwritten and issued coverage can receive Aetna’s Ascendo Final Expense policy at a Super Preferred Rate. To qualify, the policyholder must have a qualifying underwritten Medicare Supplement policy issued by an Aetna affiliated company (ACC, ACI, CLI, AHIC, AHLIC, ALIC) that is placed in-force within 6 months of the Final Expense policy’s coverage effective date. The Super Preferred rate is 10% cheaper than the preferred rate. After performing some spot checks on final expense premiums with other carriers, I have found Aetna’s Super Preferred rate to be the most competitive. Additionally, you the agent receive an 18% bonus on your base comp for any Aetna/Ascendo Final Expense policies issued at the Super Preferred rate. Given the fact we are all going to pass and that funeral costs can be very expensive, this is a great opportunity for you to get back in front of your AEP clients now. Great rate, necessary product, and enhanced income for you; it’s a win, win, win!

Hopefully, you’ve had the chance this past AEP season to utilize our Medicare Search and Save (MSS) tool. If you have utilized the tool, you now have another resource assisting you back in front of your clients. Returning back to the tool and reviewing your client’s drug list can uncover other sales opportunities. For instance, any clients with a fair number of drugs on their list, especially brand name drugs, are well suited for Guarantee Trust Life’s Short Term Home Health Care policy. The GTL STHHC policy is designed to pay for numerous healthcare-related services inside the home. What makes this policy unique and provides you another sales opportunity is it will reimburse policyholders for their prescriptions up to $600 a year. When you consider a 70-year-old policyholder’s premium for a $300/day benefit on the GTL STHHC policy is $548.88 annually, the policyholder can essentially receive this great coverage at no out-of-pocket cost. Therefore, utilize the MSS tool to discover those clients with numerous prescriptions and offer this unique and beneficial policy.

I hope you agree I have provided two valuable ideas to seamlessly contact your clients and kick-off 2021 right. How hard is it to offer the best price for a product necessary when they pass? How hard is it to offer a policy that will allow your folks to receive care at home and has little to no out-of-pocket cost? If you would like to speak about these ideas or other sales techniques, I encourage you to reach out to me. I would love the opportunity to discuss further. As always, you are much appreciated, and I look forward to working with each of you in 2021.

Be Kind, Make a Difference.

Sean, From The Field