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Beyond Basic Lead Generation Oct. 1st, 2019

Recently I was meeting with an agent who sells Medicare Supplements out of a bank 3 days a week. This agent happens to be one of our top producing Medicare Supplement Advisors. In our conversation, I asked him how he was so successful. I assumed his success was entirely based on leads generated through the existing clientele of the bank he worked with, but to my surprise, this advisor said there was much more 


Sean McBride

to it. They told me that, in addition to bank leads, they utilized a targeted mailing list to generate business. In this case, he recommended USADATA, via Mutual of Omaha’s website (it should be noted an agent does not have to go through Mutual of Omaha to get access to USADATA). If you do not have access to Mutual of Omaha you can go directly to USADATA, or your friendly staff at Producers XL can generate a list to purchase. At less than 3.5 per name/address, it’s a very cost-effective program. For instance, currently, there are 2,064 people in the Wichita surrounding area who are 64 years old, to purchase this list of 2064 would cost $89.16 

That\’s reaching out to a lot of potential clients for pennies on the dollar. Long story short, there are many resources for agents to utilize to grow their business. In this case, the advisor uses a targeted mailing list and it is working for him quite well. What is your secret, what is growing your business?

I am always interested in what is working and not working in your
business, please share with me your story.

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