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The Art of the Cross-Sell

In this week’s edition of “Sean From the Field”, I want to talk to you about cross-selling products when sitting at the kitchen table. I do not know of an agent who does not understand the value of this concept, nor do I know more than a couple of agents who cross-sell consistently.


Sean McBride

Why is it so hard for us to capitalize on additional product sales with our current clients? My first guess is we are not asking for these other sales at the right time. My second guess, we are not asking for other product sales because we have not prepared ourselves to have the conversation.

What these assumptions come down to is we do not know how to go about cross-selling because we have not developed a game plan to do so. Our clients are not a “one size fits all”, they can be as different as they can be and have unique and different needs, but they all have some of the same inherent risks. For instance, I am willing to bet a box of donuts each and every one of us have clients who will… die. Are you feeling the sarcasm?

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Seriously though, everyone dies, BUT not everyone has the means to be buried. So, ask yourself this question, why am I not selling more final expense plans if everyone is dying? Hello, its because you are not bringing the subject up at the kitchen table. Why don’t we pursue a sale on an annuity, Long Term Care and cancer product is because we do not have a plan to incorporate this pitch and the result is, we shy away from the conversation.

Producers XL is working to develop a comprehensive cross-selling program that will make a difference for your clients and
for your income. In the coming months, we will provide a training program with sales techniques and proven tactics to get you the game plan you need to be a cross-selling agent.

Look for more on this to come from your friendly Producers XL staff.
As always, we appreciate you and look forward to building a stronger
business together.

Be kind, make a difference!