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With just a few days left in Annuity awareness month...

It’s about time for a recap to some of the things that we’ve been talking about during this year’s annuity awareness month. So far this month we’ve covered the three different Fixed and Fixed indexed annuities that make up the lion’s share of our agents’ interest and how each can be tailored to provide for a client’s retirement goals. 


Scott Gilpin

Retirement Marketing Manager

We talked about accumulation annuities which, in my opinion, are a great option for thought-free cash accumulation. Just put money in and walk away. You’ll see the gains without any risk of a loss and, eventually, you’ll have a financial legacy. As with most policies, there are options for adding riders that can introduce a layer of customization able to provide for your clients’ individual needs. For example, for many having the option of enhanced penalty-free withdrawals, or a return of premium rider, or ADL -based payout benefits, provides an ease of mind they might not otherwise find in the retirement portfolio.

One of the more popular riders that we offer provides an income for life. It’s not uncommon to hear from customers and agents that people are more afraid of running out of money than dying. We have carriers with products that let us accumulate and grow the nest egg and several years down the road they can turn on the lifetime income.

On Thursday, June 23th | 10 am | CST. We will be hosting a webinar with Jonathan Sacks talking about 401K marketing

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Finally, we discussed Multi-Year Guaranteed Products. The nice thing with that product line is that they all work the same except for a couple of simple bells and whistles. You could talk to your customers about their safe money. It’s important to remember that during rocky times people search for  security, and their financial security is often a top priority during uncertainty.

Since June is Annuity Awareness Month, we’ve taken time to reach out to our agents to discuss introduce their clients to these security options. Right now, there’s a …

3-year fixed rate of 3.0% and a 5-year fixed rate of 3.2%

… on one product we carry, so we’ve done our best to get the word out to individuals looking to capitalize on such outstanding rates. One of the things this offers, besides a great interest rate, is a place to safely grow money. Money in an annuity will have a beneficiary and might even bypass probate.

Generally, it is rare to see rates this good, and in times like these… you might want to look into asking your clients where they keep their safe money. Since there aren’t any associated fees with One other thing that is nice about putting their money into a fixed or fixed indexed annuity is there are no fees so they are letting all the money they put in work for them. When you’re with a customer ask what their risk tolerance is. If they don’t want to lose any money, then this would be a product worth considering

And finally, don’t forget to join us for the last annuity awareness webinar on Tuesday, June 23rd talking about 401Ks.

If you have business owners, then this will be a great webinar to join us for.