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July Sandquist News

Everyone is facing some trying times right now

With COVID-19 pandemic and social injustices being voiced across the nation, American’s are challenged economically, financially, and personally (mental and physical health).  This article is going to focus on the financial burdens facing your clients in 2020 and into the future. Let’s talk about ‘safe money’.


Scott Gilpin

Retirement Marketing Manager

How many people do you know that have what’s called ‘safe money’? Your clients might refer to ‘safe money’ in different terms, but the bottom line is clients having money/assets safe from environmental and economic disaster or depletion. There are many reasons clients want to maintain this ‘safe money’, such as: for a rainy day, to help support family members or themselves during inevitable health decline, future dreams and goals, a charity, or a well-deserved trip…when it’s safe to travel again. Whatever the reason, people have gotten nervous about their future money, and with that nervous behavior, have pulled money out of different saving vehicles. It is now sitting somewhere, not collecting a return on investment, because they are afraid of “losing” that since of security. Most simply don’t know what to do. They are suffering from ‘paralysis by analysis’.

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ProducersXL suggests each agent speak with their clients and help them to consider; Where are you keeping your ‘safe money’? Are you happy with the return you are receiving on your ‘safe money’?

What if I could show you a safe product that would allow your money to grow safely, tax deferred, and allow you to take out 10% penalty free. (see all rules and regulations regarding ‘penalty free’ withdraws after 12 months) What if we could get you a great rate for a short term, minimum deposit of 10K? Would this be of interest? Of course! I bet it would be very appealing to your clients looking to maintain that since of security ‘safe money’ provides.

Call me to find out what ProducersXL can offer to keep your clients’ ‘safe money’ safe.  Let me know how I can help