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Social Security Savvy (2)

Many Americans Looking Towards Retirement Have Become Very Worried

Some are worried their savings may not out live them.  Some are worried they will never be able to retire because of a lack of savings. And some are worried Social Security could no longer be available at the time of retirement. No matter the reason for their anxiety, it is necessary we continually educate clients on the benefits of long-term retirement planning to ensure a content and fruitful retirement.


Scott Gilpin

Retirement Marketing Manager

I have heard many speakers over the years who have worked for/with Social Security Administration. There are some of the mindset that social security funds are a trust fund and therefore, will never run out of funds. The funds will always be available in some form or another. On the other hand, I have heard speakers state that cutting the payroll taxes could possibly drain the trust fund.

Personally, I think all Americans need to plan for future retirement now, while there is still time rather than later when it is too late. Not because the social security funds could or could not be available, but because the anxiety of not knowing can cause emotional and physical stress to your clients. Your clients need to do their best to save for retirement in a number of different ways, and if Social Security is still available in the future, then that’s icing-on-the-cake.

On Tuesday, August 25th | 10:30 am | CST. We will be hosting a webinar with Frank Lowther discussing Social Security Income Management

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"I'm planning on Social Security for my retirement funding."

Not only talk to your clients about retirement funding, but also their family, their kids, and grandkids. Educate them on the benefits of contributing to a company 401k or saving money in a safe “place” early on in their

careers, so that they will be able to retire, at the age of their choosing and with the funds to take them through all retirement. It is never to early to start saving for the future.

Too many Americans simply state, “I’m planning on Social Security for my retirement funding.” But wouldn’t it be better to help your clients plan for retirement instead of betting their entire retirement funding on Social Security?

We can assist you in educating your clients with different programs that can fit their specific needs and lifestyles. We have plans that can start with as little as $100 per month, as well as options wherein clients, have income for the rest of their lives, never outliving the funds. We can offer the business owner of small companies plans to ensure investments/assets are protected into retirement.

Lastly, I would like to invite everyone to join myself and keynote speaker Frank Lowther on August 25th for a webinar, “Social Security Savvy by AIG”.