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Disability Insurance Awareness Month Events

New Carrier New Opportunities

May is Disability Awareness Month. We’ve seen a lot of unexpected things happen this year, yet half of Americans say they couldn’t afford an unexpected bill of $400. Learn tips, tools, and resources you can use to show clients the incredible value of disability income insurance. 

Providing quality products backed by long-standing carriers is exactly what ProducersXL provides every day. It’s no different for Disability Insurance!! Join us with MassMutual representatives to discuss the new addition to the DI carrier/product line-up. Here first-hand the details and benefits of this unique, quality product.

Disability Insurance for Blue Collar Workers

Farmers, carpenters, electricians, etc. may have found find it difficult in the past to obtain disability insurance due to occupational risks. So, how can an Agent design a plan that covers risks of injury and illness as well as protects a Client’s family? This and much more are what we’ll discuss in this week’s DIAM webinar. Join us to gain the tools and expertise to sell Disability Insurance.


Disability Insurance for White Collar Workers

Did you know that most disabilities are due to illness rather than injury? That’s why it’s important for people with white-collar jobs, like doctors, dentists, and lawyers, to have disability insurance. In fact, it’s especially important for people in high-paying jobs that require an expensive educational investment. Join us as we examine different solutions in DI for those white-collar workers. Become the expert for those wanting to protect their greatest asset, their paycheck.