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September 15th, 2021

With the Labor Day holiday behind us, my assumption is most will be looking to the balance of the 2021. I wish I could say 2021 brought us out of the pandemic and all was well with the world. And although we may have experienced a reprieve from wearing masks and eating in restaurants, it seems the nation will end 2021 as we ended 2020, COVID-focused. Not only will we have to continue to adjust to the ever-changing COVID world, agents must also focus on forth quarter sales, Annual Election Period (AEP), and the effects to Long-Term Care sales.

Additionally, I have been busy becoming acquainted to the recently introduced Washington Cares Fund. You may be saying to yourself, “But you don’t produce sales in WA, so how does that affect KS or me?” Well…

September 15th, 2021

Who would have believed a year later I would be writing again about preparing for AEP during a pandemic? Well, here we are……..again. As the pandemic progresses, we are being faced with new restrictions and CDC/FDA guidelines left and right. (I am not going to get into the details of their guidance but feel free to visit their site.)

Continuing in the same COVID frame of mind, I came across this information awhile back on a study DEFT Research conducted on Covid-19 and Its Impact on Medicare Consumers. I thought I would share some of their findings with you…

September 15th, 2021

Help self-employed clients understand how important disability income insurance is to their financial portfolio – their income is likely their most important asset.

Do you have clients who have recently purchased a business? Help protect their business by providing a Business Loan Disability policy that will pay their loan payments if they can’t due to a disability…

September 15th, 2020

This year, for Life Insurance Awareness Month, Prudential has created an interactive experience featuring four engaging stories that you can easily share with clients. In addition, you’ll find tools and resources that will help you start the life insurance conversation. Explore our LIAM 2021 experience today…

September 15th, 2021

Every election, the candidates, whether it be for local, state, or national elections, make campaign promises in the hopes of enhancing their ticket to get elected. While many campaign promises never come to fruition, the mere thought of some creates ripple effects throughout the economy. Proposed tax law changes seem to get the most attention in election years, and the past Presidential election certainly gained the attention of the American public. Let me make a couple of points before I get started; One, this article has no intention of engaging in a political debate nor does it endorse a political party, and Two, I am not a tax law attorney and encourage you to do your own research after reading this article…

September 15th, 2021

As most of you may already know, June is Annuity Awareness Month!!! And we at ProducersXL are offering numerous webinars with our top carrier representatives to discuss the various products and proven successful sales techniques. 

In other Industry News, there are changes being made at the government level regarding DOL Rules and the new BI (Best Interest) Rules. These changes will apply to many U.S. states as well as the RMD changes recently announced; Secure Act adjusting the RMD age for people coming of age to draw at 72 Vs. 70 1/2…

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