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Take the Lead - Retirement

Take the Lead & Advance Your Career Annuities, IRA's, & Retirement Planning

Being an independent insurance agent is a rewarding experience, but no one ever said it was particularly easy. Building a list of clients on your own can be difficult even in the best of times. That’s why at Producers XL we’re committed to providing full-service marketing and sales assistance to our agents. Our brokerage provides training and technical assistance, top-of-the-line tools, and nearly endless resources; everything an independent agent needs when headed out into the field.  

Throughout the year we’ll work to equip you with the marketing material needed to get your foot in the door with your prospects and the knowledge of crucial health programs needed to turn them into your future clients. Delve deeper into the marketing practices, strategies, and products that will set you apart from the competition this year.

Whether this is your first year as an independent agent carrying Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, & PDP, or if you’re a veteran looking to stay sharp, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your business grows.

Whether this is your first year providing retirement planning services for your clients, or if you’re a veteran looking to stay sharp, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your business grows. We’ll give you resources to start growing your leads & business. 

Cutting-Edge Resources & Marketing Strategies For Independent Insurance Agents

Success as an independent insurance agent requires dedication. You have to have a well-developed set of skills and a deep well of knowledge before some clients will even find the time of day. At Producers XL, we’re constantly finding new and inventive ways for you to stay ahead of the competition. Check out the resources we have for you.

Start Mastering Medicare Insurance Marketing Take Online Classes Designed To Increase Your Sales

The first step is always the hardest. Let us make it as easy as possible with online courses designed to get you prepared for selling in the field. Whether you’re interested in attending live events or prefer to explore at your own pace on our video center, our webinars and training courses provide an excellent way for you to prepare for success. 

Our Retirement Planning Awareness Series is designed to prepare agents for starting their retirement planning career, as well as for the consummate professional.  In our upcoming courses, we’ll cover everything from maximizing IRA contributions to maximizing coverage with riders. Find courses that suit you, or join for the entire series.

Stay Updated on The Latest Analysis on the Market See what experts are saying about the industry

“As we see the snow melt away and the temperatures start to warm, we are also coming into the tax season. Unlike 2020 when we were able to delay tax preparations and filings, April is the official month most everyone completes their taxes. I am not here to give tax advice as I am not a certified tax professional, however, I would like to remind everyone, agents, and clients, it is a perfect time to make your annual IRA contributions.”

“I came across an article recently from Simplicity, a carrier we offer annuity products through, that detailed how studies have found retirees with a guaranteed income live happier and longer lives. It seems obvious that a person who receives a consistent monthly income would have less stress and therefore remove the health-related issues that stress can cause. So where are these retirees gaining a sense of security from? “

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